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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.16.07] movie trailer news short horror

Thanks to Twitch for this heads up. This is an Icelandic horror short that has been in and out of post production for some time now. It looks like it is finally getting closer, and there is now a trailer available for it as well! Hopefully it will be out around Christmas time! Wouldn't that be a good movie to go see during the holiday time? I sure think so.

Plot Summary:
"Upon arriving at a remote, experimental rehab center in the tundra of Iceland, the group quickly learns that there is going to be much more to deal with than beginning a sober life. It appears that childhood stories may not be stories after all, but actually true. Taking place the night right after the first attack the inhabitants make their stand, fighting for their lives like they could not have imagined."

Trailer (bottom of page): Link

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