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quietearth [Celluloid 11.13.07] zombies movie review

Year: 2007
Director: Jeff Brookshire
Writers: Jeff Brookshire
IMDB entry: link
Trailer: link
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 4 out of 10

Key Characters:
Priest Christopher (Gary Kohn)
Mary (Lindsey Morris)
Stanley the Witness (Nate Witty)

A priest wakes up from a seemingly drunken night to find the red letter is "still there". He opens it up and it instructs him to go to the house and wait until "he" arrives. The priest saddles up and shows up to find Mary already there, the mystery mans daughter. She has also received a strange red letter, and it's at this time when things outside start to go a little crazy. Zombie crazy to be exact.

The Story:
In this "safe" house where the priest finds Mary, they both wait to meer her father. During the night the priest has bad dreams and we later find out he is a former government assassin who has renounced violence, but was kicked out of the church for his drinking. We also find out Mary was a former prostitute when her pimp comes looking for her.

They don't know when he's coming so a day or so passes before things start happening, triggered by a plane flying overhead and spraying an experimental virus. Late in the night, Mary is awoken by a sound at the back window which turns out to be a load of zombies, but no worries, her father (the mystery man) has used bulletproof glass so their safe. From here we pick up a Jehovas Witness on the run from the undead and the priest picks up some gats.. well take a guess where we go from here.

The Rating:
First off I have to apologize to you folks, I had this movie like 2 months ago and I thought it was coming out in December, but I made a mistake so it's being put up a week after the release.

This movie had a white haze through all the shots, almost like it was filmed through a kleenex. Seriously I really wanted to like this, but I couldn't. It seemed more like one long music video then a movie. It wasn't the storyline, it was mainly the cinemtography and partially the music. I don't need much to be satisfied with a zombie flick, especially low budget ones, but I couldn't get past the camera action. The acting, storyline, and effects were fine. Maybe you'll enjoy this more then I did, it's gotten pretty high ratings on IMDB.

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