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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.13.07] zombies movie horror

"Getting out alive is never as easy as it seems."
"When Survival is All That Matters"

These are two of the tag lines for the new upcoming film from the production company Wetnwildradio Films. From what I have been able to find it looks like it will be a really good film. The production company came close to loosing the location they were filming in because the place actually closed down. Fortunately for them and all of us, they were allowed to continue filming at the location which was the primary location for the story. I hope to get more information about this new film soon as it looks quite intriguing. I will post information as I get it.

This is an extended version of the short that is one of the four stories in Zomb-Thology. The writer/producer of this film decided that he would in fact cut a 15-20 minute version of Trapped for Zomb-Thology, but would then release his longer version.

Plot Summary:
"The United States Government has developed a highly effective nerve gas that is unleashed upon the residents of a small Maryland City. During the top secret exercise the infected citizens begin to convert each resident into a sort of living zombie, until the remaining town residents, 6 total strangers, are trapped inside a movie theater cineplex."

Official MySpace Site: Link

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underground slacker (15 years ago) Reply

well i enjoyed ugareks pervious film deadlands, so i reckon ill enjoy this as well.

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