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quietearth [Celluloid 11.12.07] zombies news short

After reading about this I got in touch with Director Joe Barbarisi (who was actually a featured zombie in the movie Risen we posted earlier) and he was kind enough to share with us info about his homage to the zombie origins as well as the more personal aspect of his short.

Inspired by films like Night of the Living Dead and John Carpenter's Halloween (the original people), Joe started shooting his own films with friends in the 80's and while thoroughly enjoying it, he never pursued a film career and eventually put the camera down in the 90's because things became so expensive.

In 2004 Joe and his wife Linda were getting some footage of him walking around like a zombie at a local cemetery and after some processing it turned out quite well. About the same time Risen (the indy zombie flick we just posted earlier) was looking for cast and crew so Joe got in touch with the director, David Talbot, who he spoke with at length about our favorite genre! Anyways he sent his footage to David and he ended up getting a part as a featured zombie in the movie which recently won best feature at the Chicago Horror Film Festival.

This short was originally done back in fall of 2006, mostly at a cemetery in Westwood, NJ, but also some of it at the original Evans City Cemetery in PA where NOTLD was shot! The film is currently in post production and will end up being 30-45 minutes when finished and in all black and white. We'll be having some clips when it's done, so check back! And now for the synopsis..

"Flowers for the Dead is about a woman who visits her parents grave, and soon the dead begin to appear and she finds herself trapped and looking for her way out as the dead close in on her."

I can't wait!

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