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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.08.07] post apocalyptic zombies movie review

Year: 2007
Director: Mike Ezell
Writer: Adam Barber
Cataclysm type: Biological/Nuclear War
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: Link
Amazon link: Link
Review by: elliot spencer
Rating: 6 out of 10
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Key Characters:
Lewis (Richard Grieco)
Dr. Wells (Elijah Murphy)
Captain Dewey (Gary Sirchia)
Colonel Crow (Thomas Martwick)
Stephanie (Amanda Scheutzow)
Lt. Gena Kane (Laura Zoe Quist)
Flex (J.C. Austin)
Bradley (Vic Alejandro)

World War III has recently come to an end but that doesn't mean the survivors are safe. During the war a biological weapon was used called Agent 9-X. This agent then mutated as it combined with the nuclear fallout. This combination creates a new problem. Those infected die with the exception of their brains. Thus turning them into cannibalistic zombies.

What is left of the government has attempted to contain them behind giant walls, but will these walls be able to contain them? A former military colonel that is now a zombie plans on leading an attack, breaching the walls that contain them.

The Story:
The movie opens with a helicopter flying over the containment wall that keeps the post-apocalyptic zombies at bay. The helicopter is testing a new chemical used to combat the zombies called Omega-3. On this flight the head scientist, Dr. Wells speaks to the camera and says that, "For the first time they are not running, but exhibiting some sort of strange group behavior.". As they pass overhead and spray the new chemical we see that it eats the rotting flesh of the zombies to the bone. As they prepare for a second pass we see Colonel Crow, a zombified military colonel, organizing his zombie men. On the helicopters second pass it is brought down by the zombies using bows, arrows, and stones. Now the lead scientist is stuck behind enemy lines. Being help captive by Colonel Crow, we learn that he had once been sent in with his men to acquire zombies to bring back for scientific experiments but obviously did not make it back.

The quirky Lewis is left in charge and has to decide what will be done. As he plays with his little fuzzy mouse cat toy, he decides that a team must be sent in after them. His choice for heading up this team is Captain Dewey Crenshaw who has been imprisoned in their compound for war crimes. He assembles his team of current military personnel and prisoners then prepares to go into the quarantined area. As they prepare to depart the women on the team are told of something to look out for. It is possible that the zombies may try to reproduce as Agent 9-X does in fact keep the male sperm in a dormant state. Lewis alludes to the fact that in earlier days the zombies may have experimented with reproduction with a live female subject.

The Rating:
I need to be honest. I was worried at first with this film, but I kept in mind that this is not a high budget film and a first time director. Putting those things aside this is quite an enjoyable film! At first I didn't like the zombies in this film. The only difference from regular people is that they have no heartbeat and are decaying. They even talk just like everyone else, but after a bit the idea started to grow on me. Zombies that are trying to find a way to prevent their bodies from decaying is a new twist on the whole zombie theme.

Overall, I really did enjoy this! I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Grieco playing an A-D-D weirdo scientist guy, and there was some really good acting by some of the other characters as well. This is a movie that would be a good one to watch with a group of friends on a Friday or Saturday night. I say add this to your Zombie/PA collection. It will give you a few laughs and does have a really good story to go along with it.

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Russell Reed aka Treadway (14 years ago) Reply

One of the characters, Treadway, does thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the movie. It was a lot of hard work but one of great passion. Hope to make another movie that you will enjoy soon. :-)


Tom (12 years ago) Reply

When I saw this movie I was impressed by the fact that the zombies had a somewhat intelligence. Richard Grieco was pretty good as a nutcase. I own just about every zombie movie out there except this one. I have to add it to my collection. Over all I give this 3 stars and advise gore fans to see it.

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