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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.07.07] movie news horror thriller

TLA has announced that they will be the US Distributor for The Living and the Dead through their label Danger After Dark. It has received raving reviews and numerous awards including Best Film at the 2007 Austin FantasticFest and a Special Jury Mention at 2007 Sitges International Film Festival. TLA has been kind enough to get us a copy for review. As soon as we receive it we will be putting a review up for everyone.

"With his wife quite ill, Lord Donald leaves their beautiful estate for a few days in order to get some funds together to pay for her operation. Being that he has to leave her alone with their mentally challenged son he asks the family nurse to take care of them while he is gone. With the father gone, the now lone man of the house, albeit mentally challenged decides he should be the one to take care of his mother. He locks the nurse out and begins to manage their medication on his own, mixing both their medications. Conditions worsen as sickness and stress build bringing about a series of chilling and disturbing events."

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