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quietearth [Celluloid 11.06.07] movie news horror

We've finally got a trailer for the Spanish horror flick [REC] which is subtitled in English. We've been watching this one for a while and it's been getting rave reviews and I am really stoked to see this! This hasn't even been released yet (sometime in 2008) and it already has a Hollywood remake in the progress! It's going to be aptly titled Quarantined and is scheduled for October 17th, 2008. Are there zombies in this movie? I don't know, but it sure looks like it!

"Angela is a young reporter for a local TV channel and goes around with her cameraman every night in search of different collectives of people. Tonight they’ll be covering the local firemen and she secretly hopes for an opportunity to capture the story of a great fire.

But the night remains very calm. When they finally receive a call from an old lady who is trapped inside her house, she has no other choice but to follow the firemen and cover their “rescue mission”. When they arrive, the see that the neighbors in the old lady’s building are very frightened. They have been hearing horrifying screams from inside the old lady’s apartment.

The firemen break down the door of the apartment and are followed by Angela and her cameraman. They find the old lady semi-conscious and surrounded by dozens of cats. Suddenly, the old lady jumps on a fireman and starts to bite him like a wild animal to the astonishment of his colleagues… and also right in front of the camera lens.

It’s just the beginning of a long nightmare and of a uniquely dramatic report never seen before on TV: when the other firemen take away their wounded colleague, they discover that the only exit in the entire building has been blocked by the authorities. The building has been quarantined. Apparently, a strange virus has spread inside the building."

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