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quietearth [Celluloid 11.02.07] movie news scifi

Greenlit and in development is a movie based on John Christopher's series of books I think most us loved as kids. It's going to be called "The Tripods" and it's backed by Touchstone Pictures with a release date sometime in 2009. At this point it looks like it's going to be just one movie, so I don't really see how they'll fit 3 books in but.. Adapting the screenplay and directing will be Gregor Jordan who also did the same on Buffalo Soldiers which was a great movie (Joaquin Phoenix rocks). There's not much more info right now, but this is awesome! In case you missed it, there was also a tv series back in the 80's or one of those other forgotten eras.

"Beings known as the Tripods have conquered Earth and turned the human race into slaves by implanting everyone over the age of 14 with a mind-control device. 13-year-old Will Parker and his friends, however, plot to defeat the Tripods before a humans are no more."

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Riana (14 years ago) Reply

Loved the original series (80s)... I knew the time was right to bring this to the big screen!
- Riana, NY


Chris (14 years ago) Reply

Great news!


Liesl (14 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Hope they use UK actors. It could get real cheesy with American teen actors. I love all those 70's 80's BBC Sci-Fi shows.

PBS used to air some of that stuff in the late 80's early 90's. I've been getting it on DVD the last couple of years.


Si P (14 years ago) Reply

Please use a British setting- be faithful to the book. They have no right to change a brilliant book. It'll be like War of the Worlds, but worse. Come on Yanks, ruin your own books please!


agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

Just as an update; I has come to our attention that Alex Proyas is attached as a writer on the upcoming adaptation of John Christopher's Tripods series.

I figure this news will make many of you very happy. We're big John Christopher fans around here too.


Logan from New Zealand (13 years ago) Reply

I watched the oringal BBC series as a young kid (think 8-10yrs old) back in the 80's. Freaked me out! December 2008 I brought Season 1 on DVD and I still enjoy it :) I'm currently watching Season 2 off youtube seeing as they aren't going to release it on DVD any time soon :( Hopefully the movie encapsulates Book 3 as BBC canned the series after book 2. I'm looking forward to the movie for sure! Sapphire & Steel next? LOL


antihype (11 years ago) Reply

Its been 2 years now !

What the hell happen to the Tripod movie ?

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