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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] movie news horror

From director James L. Frachon of the award winning short Fort Rent which is about tarantulas who attack a couple renting a house comes a new flick, Zombieland, which has quite a setup! The movie's about a retired funeral director who turns his vast funeral home into a museum of death where you get to stroll around morbid stuff like a haunted house. "Why use props when you have the real thing" says the old man to seldom visitors who dare enter. Of course among his life long collection of morbid things, there is someting very very weird you don't want to see..... Will it have zombies? That remains to be seen as shooting doesn't begin till sometime in 2008, but we'll have more details later on!

Now check this out, the Director of Photography is Laurent Chalet who was the cinematographer on the Oscar winning documentary "March of the Penguins". It stars Brad Dourif who was born with an extra helping of creepiness. It also has Arly Jover (Blade), Beatrice Rosen (upcoming Batman), and Klaus Schulze the famous composer who will be doing the score! And all of this is straight from James himself!

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