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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] zombies news webseries

Getting sick of zombie stuff yet? I ain't! Let's just say I am diabetic and zombies are my insulin. We announced this new online series just recently, and in case you missed it the theme music is by Skinny Puppy (atlhugh it seems uncharacteristic of them).

"The “Plague” came quick and spread quicker. No one knows why or where it started as it happened so fast. Military science gone wrong or an act of God…no one knows. Several months after what seemed the end of the world, at a time when the walking dead outnumbered the living , the last ditch military plan went into effect. It was not a glamorous, well thought out plan, but it was simple and effective and due to the dwindling numbers of humans, it was the last shot. Its objective: Destroy all of the living dead and reset society.

C.L.E.A.N. Units (Clear the Living, Evacuate And Nuke) comprised of National Guard and select volunteers, were formed and armed. Nuclear Weapons Specialists are embedded in each unit to arm and detonate the weapons in urban areas. This is not the regular military. There is no executive branch, congress, or for that matter, any oversight. It is a nuclear armed militia, and these are their stories... "

Here's the direct link to watch the webisode #1:

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DP fan (15 years ago) Reply

Awesome. These guys really made the most out of a modest budget. Great job!

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