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quietearth [Celluloid 10.23.07] movie news horror

I have been eagerly awaiting the trailer for this movie after reading the synopsis, and it just came out a couple of days ago. This has a somewhat similar theme as the book Replay or more widely known, Groundhog day, except it's horror. Well I guess Groundhog day could also be seen as horror, hahaha. This is getting a theatrical release on November 9th, no word on the dvd.

"Ian Stone (Mike Vogel) is just an average guy who has the bad luck of being attacked by a corpse and thrown in front of a speeding train. However, Ian doesn't die. He's resurrected into a new life that's pretty much the same as his old one, with one big exception: he's killed every day and brought back to life the next. Ian's only chance to stop getting horrifically murdered and returned from the dead is to figure out who or what is causing these events to happen."

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