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quietearth [Film Festival 10.21.07] review

This started real late, at 11:45 but it was the BEST MOVIE OF THE FESTIVAL so far! It's set, say 2 weeks in the future, where gas prices have skyrocketed to almost 30 dollars a gallon, so no one drives. Cut to a kindergarten teacher wearing a "meat is murder" or some type of vegan hippie shirt, and he's indoctrinating his class with all sorts of leftist agenda. He's so lovable already! When class is finished he heads off to the vegan mart which is a little hut right across from the "meat" hut. He's kind of a nervous guy, and he needs some wheat grass. The broad behind the counter is Anna Chlumsky and she's a bit nerdy and asks him how his car is coming. He's working on a "wheat grass" powered car. I guess he thinks he can power cars on flowers and fairies, hahahahahaa.

He can't seem to get his test engine working, so eventually he drinks a bottle of vodka in frustation, and cuts himself, the blood going into the test tank. This causes the engine to run, hence the name, Blood Car. He jury rigs a fan with a cutting blade in the trunk and then takes a bb gun and runs around through the forest all the while telling himself "believe what you say" because he's a vegan and he's shooting squirrels and cute little dogs to power his car. Once he has enough he chucks them all in the trunk, but it won't run! He steps out of the car and is cursing, and apologizes to the old lady, Mrs. Butterfield, who it turns out is dead. He pushes her over the railing, drags her to the car, and throws her in the trunk. BAM! The car is running, so he drives up to the soy stand, but the meat girl is very forward, and from there he's addicted to her, so he has to keep killing to fuel the car to driver her around. All the while the government is chasing him.

Now I have to say I loved this, and if it wasn't very R rated, I think this would be the next Napoleon Dynamite, regardless it's going to be a huge cult hit. The crowd loved it, I loved it, and hopefully I can still get a screener for an official review. This was one of the best movies I've seen this year, it was just that good. It was a great mix of stereotypes and ridiculous humor. This gets a solid 8 out of 10, and in time, it may even move up to a 9. THIS IS A MUST SEE!

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