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quietearth [Celluloid 10.16.07] movie review horror

Year: 2007
Release date: October 16th, 2007 (Region 1 DVD)
Director: Nick Everhart
Writers: Nick Everhart
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: link
Amazon link: link
Review by: Elliot Spencer
Rating: 4 out of 10
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Key Characters:
Donald Lawson (Chad Mathews)
Kate Lawson/Sarah (Makinna Ridgeway)
Father Deacon Cain (Collin Brock)
Ashmed Chammadai (Amol Shah)

The Antichrist child Donald Lawson has grown up and seems to have forgotten all about his past. With the help of his boss, a devout follower of evil, Donald is reminded of his old ways and it is time to pick up where he left off as a child. His wife Kate is carrying the child deemed by prophecy to be the chosen one to lead the battle against evil, and the re-birth of Jesus. With 7 clergy on her side will they be able to fend off the evil that has returned?

The Story:
Kate is cautioned by her sister Sarah, a doctor, about looking for a house while she is pregnant. "You know how you get". After this we catch a piece of a dream where someone gets pushed in front of a bus by a mysterious light. Jump to Sarah working in the mortuary where a dead body comes back to life, she screams, and is found the next morning by a janitor, crucified to the wall. Enter Deacon Cain who is sent by the Vatican because the hour of the prophesy is upon us.

Donald receives not just a promotion, but a better promotion. Meanwhile Kate is dealing with the death of her sister, the Deacon approaches her and tells her of the prophesy, and she keeps having demonic visions. Donald is reminded of what and who he is was after killing his coworker while his boss unknowingly watched. Scared at first he quickly falls into his old ways with numerous followers supporting him all the way.

The Review:
There were some nicely shot scenes during the opening credits where you see parts of the painting Dantes Inferno and other biblical imagery of crucifixion while credits fade in and out. At the end of the movie there is a nice panning shot of light coming in through the windows of a church. The acting was sub-par and I felt like I was watching three movies all mashed into one (Stigmata, The Omen, and The Devils Advocate). The DVD back itself says, "A Horrifying Supernatural Thriller of Faith in the tradition of The Omen and The Devil's Advocate". There were scenes pulled right out of Stigmata as well. I felt this was very unoriginal and there was nothing thrilling about it.

There was nothing I would classify as gore, and there was very little blood. Given you have such demonic material to work with as a sequel looking at the first movie, hardly anything was brought out. Not once was I tense, scared, or sickened. I guess more than anything I am angry at the potential this movie had as a sequel. It really is too bad as I was really looking forward to reviewing this film.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Let us not forget that the real Antichrist will, when he comes on to the world scene will be very popular. He will be very charismatic. So the point is when we look for the “Antichrist” we shouldn’t be looking for a villain. We shouldn’t be looking for a bad guy, for that is not how he is going to appear, not to most people, at least not at first.

In fact he is going to appear as an hero. He is going to appear as an humanitarian. He is going to appear as a savior. He is actually going to be responsible or seem to be responsible in solving some of humanity’s most intractable problems. Perhaps he is going to be responsible for curing some disease, or develop ways to make things grow on barren land.

This is why I am guessing that he will be an industrialist because only an industrialist could have the infrastructures to develop such technology. Obviously what pushes this guy into the world stage would be the continuing success of his company.

And from there his success and charisma is going to pull him into politics. I say pull but it was his plan all along, though like the best of politicians he will make it look like he only begrudgingly entered the political sphere.

I believe he will become the head of the European Union, an entity that right now isn’t that strong, but since I see see this as happening from 30-50 years from now I see that by then the organization will have grown in strength

I still believe we have a generation or two before he arises, but in the term of human history a generation or two isn’t that long from now.

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