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quietearth [Celluloid 10.09.07] zombies movie news

This has actually been around, but hasn't been released on dvd yet, so it's new. We'll start off with the first movie, COME GET SOME. (sucka!) Ok I added that last part. ALL NSFW!

"A secretive government agency decides to stage an "accident" where flesh eating zombies are unleashed on helpless citizens all in the name of increasing their budget. But the rogue H.U.D.S. (Human Undead Defense Service) don't count on four local women who fight to defend their town and one of their own turning from washout to top agent."

Now for the upcoming flick.. COME GET SOME MORE! (sucka!) I can't find a synopsis, but it says MORE ACTION, MORE GORE, LESS IQ!

Homepage where you can buy the first movie:

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