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quietearth [Celluloid 09.17.07] zombies movie news

Yeah, that's right, I said 3D as in three-dimensional! Ok I know your saying, man another remake of NOTLD, forget it. Wait right there. I said this was in 3D. In fact, if you have 3d glasses (I just happen to have them in case of an outer limits style global catastrophe where everything just happens to shift into red and blue) then you NEED to check out the images on the website. Vernacular used, NEED. Here:

Let's say you don't have a pair of special sauce glasses, either go buy some, or just trust me, it looks cool. The dvd comes with 4 pairs of em so you can even let your little brother watch! (DISCLAIMER: We do not condone letting small children watch zombie movies) It's coming out on October 9th on Amazon, but IMDB is reporting an October 16th release date.

And in case you missed that above, here's the homepage again:

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