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quietearth [Celluloid 09.13.07] zombies news webseries

Yeah, she's good looking, but you still need to put a round through her head. I couldn't hold off on posting this any longer, you know how much I love zombie stuff. It's a free webisode series and the 2nd episode just came out last night. Now the first episode is a bit slow, but I think that's to provide some kind of background. The second episode has quite a bit more zombie action. It's basically about the Zombie Emergency Response Operations (Z.E.R.O.) task force which is comprised of 3 dudes and one broad (a really tough one), and they clean up zedheads for a living. They talk alot of smack and like the website says, they are pretty dysfunctional, but they get the job done.

WOTD is set during the "Third Age" which is defined as: "Time and trial lead to an eventual reduction of the zombie phenomenon from global disaster to localized threat. Z-E-R-O, the Zombie Emergency Response Operations task force, is formed out of several government agencies to contain and eliminate undead outbreaks. This, combined with scientific experimentation on the dead and the use of zombies as pawns in proxy wars, creates a growing sympathy for the living dead."

Homepage with the webisodes, pimpin':

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Jeromy Zombie (13 years ago) Reply

Hey there...

I love you series...! i can't wait to see more! i've got one i'd love a comment on...

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