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quietearth [Celluloid 08.18.07] movie review horror

Year: 2006
Release Date: Nov. 6th, 2007
Director: Peter John Ross & John Whitney
Writers: Philip R. Garrett & Peter John Ross & Scott Spears & John Whitney
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: link
Amazon link: N/A
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 6 out of 10

Key Characters:
Lt. John Schmidt (Jon Osbeck)
Capt. Joe Russo (Joe Lorenzo)
Sgt. Stephen Gary (Daniel Alan Kiely)
Simpson (Chip Kocel)
Underwood (Jason Morris)
Capt. Mitchell (C. Alec Rossel)
Byrnes (Micah Jenkins)

After landing at what looks like the northern coast, something like Normandy, the allies, or in this case the Americans, have pushed further inland, there troop count decimated. Two teams meet up, that of Lt. Schmidt and Capt. Russo, and moving on from there encounter what later is referred to as a nazi super soldier. They have to finally shoot it in the head to stop it, and no, it's not a zombie.

The Story:
Lt. Schmidt was in charge due to the fact that his superiors were lost in the unit, and upon encountering a german unit late one night, he sent two men to investigate. This is where they ran into the first nazi super soldier. Unfortunately sending only two men was a tactical mistake, which later got him reassigned under Capt. Mitchell in a unit of former convicts. They are getting dropped behind enemy lines in occupied France, and their mission is to destroy a weapons depot.

The plane gets hit so they have to parachute out further from their drop zone. While searching for the rest of their men, they run into Byrnes who landed in a tree and was captured by the Germans. Byrnes is obviously in shock, and tells the story of a german regular who had left, who the nazis were afraid of.

The Nazis had brought in what looked like a man scrambling on all fours on a leash, and after the german regular had left it broke loose, killing the nazis one by one. It had then come face to face with Byrnes, but did not kill him. We find out later this is a lycanthrope, or werewolf, and it is just the beginning.

The Rating:
The movie and writing seemed to lack a coherent flow, concentrating more on the WWII aspect of things then the actual story. It really needed more on the scientist and the werewolves. Also it wasn't clear if all the things were werewolves, or just a different group of monsters, one of them being super soldiers. Basically the storyline needed some work. That said this was billed as a "B" movie, and as such I have to say it was pretty well done, and I will be looking forward to the director/writers next work, they definitely show promise. That's why this gets a 6 out of 10.

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metin demirhan (13 years ago) Reply

More Werevolves in Dog Soldiers (2002) by Neil Marshall...


Mike Newman (13 years ago) Reply

Loved HORRORS OF WAR. Lots of WWII action stuff with what appears to be Nazi Zombies, and only the one werewolf.


gareth (11 years ago) Reply

By about half way through the movie I'd have paid money to have been butchered by one of the nazi zombie uber soldiers. It would have been far less painful than watching this film and would quite frankly would have come as something of a relief. In war...dealth is not the only thing to fear is the slogan....but I can guarantee death is certainly preferable to watching this film!!!

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