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quietearth [Celluloid 08.16.07] movie news scifi

Thanks to twitch for this one. It's a Russian scifi flick that's currently in production and according to IMDB it's slated for an October 2008 release. Apparently it's one of the biggest budget Russian films ever weighing in at $30 million.

Here's the synopsis:
"The year 2157. The blossom times for the human civilization. Pilots of the Freelance Search Group enjoy interstellar travelling. A Russian spacecraft, piloted by a 22 year old Maxim Kammerer, crashes on the distant inhabited Saraksh planet. After long years of a nuclear war, an environmental crisis reigns over the planet, the society is overburdened with social problems, and the established peace is quite shaky. The brave astronaut will explore a mysterious land governed by the Unknown Fathers who are five anonymous rulers manipulating the inhabitants consciousness using special emitters. There Maxim will meet new friends, make enemies, find his love and, after getting through dangerous trials, hunger, mortal hazards and losses, will lead a rebel movement challenging the five greedy rulers."

Here's a teaser which starts out with some behind the scenes footage:

Movie homepage, it's also in English:

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Athlon (14 years ago) Reply

First real pa movie :P
this is someting like game STALKER


Matt (14 years ago) Reply

Wow! Looks good.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Hahaha, I can't believe that you never heard of one of the best novels written by brothers Strugatsky - the authors of Roadside Picnic (aka Stalker) and many other great sci-fi novels. Ok, really, we were behind the Iron Curtain, but come on... It's 2007 and Strugatsky brothers are still unknown (wtf?) for the West. Inhabited Island (1969) (aka Prisoners of Power - I'm really fed up with those commercial alternative titles) is one of my favorites. It has it all - mutants, wastelands, ruins and it is very moody. Read it! Don't wait for the stupid movie!


aroodig (13 years ago) Reply

That's a strange attitude. I've heard of the brothers Strugatsky, but only because I stumbled upon Tarkovsky's Stalker late one night on TCM. I'm not even sure their works are in readily available English form right now. I don't see why genre writers who write in non-English should be expected to be known in an English speaking area. Just strange.

Maybe this movie, though, will increase interest in a new translation of their work? If they're any good at all, movies can be seen as expensive advertisements for the writers.


hunter willard (13 years ago) Reply

aroodig you sound very uncoherent
some of their books are avilable in english but u can also learn russian instead of posting selfish comments movie would probaly spoil yr first impresions if u read the book after Bondarchuk jr is aiming to high anyway he is not Tarkovsky


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Strugatskys are one of rear geniuses of Sci-Fi, along with Stanislaw Lem. Few are there on par with them, in any language.

Russians don't have to translate their work into English. Every culture translates what it deems interesting. Every work of Lem and Strugatsky brothers should be read. Demand translation or do it yourself.

And from the trailer, the movie seems very silly. The book is infinitely better than this.

BTW the description here gives away the most important detail about the reality on that planet. Too bad. Discovering it for yourself while reading the book for the first time is unbelievably forceful experience. Unforgettable - and they give it up here just like that. A shame really.


zoofukk (13 years ago) Reply

Ummm... Lem was Polish actually...


Marco Bernier (13 years ago) Reply

I cannot wait to see this movie! I worked only one week on the special effects for this movie (modeling the spaceship) then I quit because the business doing the VFX was badly managed. I heard the VFX company who was hired to finish the job are doing a much better work! :D


Vahan (12 years ago) Reply

works of Strugatski brothers were translated into 45 languages. search better.


Erik (12 years ago) Reply

To aroodig, hahaha. Strugatsky the genre writers???? It's not about genre writers like Dan brown, it's about great literature. You can read just one book of them and you'll feel the quality and the beauty of the art. i think this is the problem of english speaking world not to have an iterest... I'm russian speaking, and I have had read almost all of Ray Bradbury, or Jorge Luis Borges mostly in russian, some in english , some in spanish. And they made my heart tremble like those books of Strugatskys...


Anemo (12 years ago) Reply

Whereas the picked up budget was 35 billion dollads the film left much to be desired opposed a few polished reviews in Media.


emanuel morais (12 years ago) Reply

this movie must have a 2º movie...


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Actually, it will have a 2° part,... that's the way it was planned... it's supposed to be released around April 09 i think, as far as I've heard...


Joey (12 years ago) Reply

It is really great movie, not only for the Russia


Cloudless (12 years ago) Reply

Just saw the movie. Great movie. cool storie. It is a must to see it. Cant wait for the second part.
Maybe i should read the book???


Boriska (12 years ago) Reply

Unimpressed. It's even worse than a typical Holywood blockbuster. When I was watching
this movie, I couldn't help it comparing to "Stalker" directed by A.Tarkovsky and based on the
original novel (Roadside Picnic) and the film script written by the same Strugatsky brothers.
Something happened to Russian cinema. They don't seem to have it anymore - either actors who can play
or directors who can direct, or I don't know what. I wish I wasn't a native Russian speaker so I wouldn't be
able to feel how contrived and unnatural they all sound (most of the time)


aroodig (12 years ago) Reply

Not sure what's selfish (or "un"coherent) about stating my experience with their work, which is minimal. I imagine it's out there, somewhere, for people to find, but it doesn't help if this is the kind of reaction you get, since it's not as though English speakers have a dearth of things to read.

My saying their work is genre fiction wasn't very nice of me to say though, granted, because I'm one of those people who prefer science fiction on its merits instead of its theme.

As for their works being available, yes, they are. But readily? It's not easy to find. Polish writer Lem is one of the most famous science fiction authors internationally, but it took some work to track it down.

My point is, you can't assume everyone knows about your favorite writer. Goes for any writer, really. If I started getting defensive because some guy in Russia hadn't heard of Harlan Ellison, people would think I was crazy.

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