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quietearth [Celluloid 08.14.07] zombies movie news

Straight out of Serbia comes their first zombie flick, Zone of the Dead. By the looks of it, they are already planning for two sequels, the last of which, Reign of the dead, sounds like it will be post apocalyptic! The trailer is pretty awesome, and here's the synopsis:

"In the industrial town of Pančevo a dangerous biochemical toxine becomes airborne in the middle of the night, poisoning the inhabitants. The infection spreads all over the town and it seems like the Armageddon is happening.

Meanwhile, a police-escorted prisoner transport supervised by Interpol sets off to Belgrade. A seemingly routine assignment escalates into a hellish fight for survival. The route leads the transport through Pančevo, where they encounter an ecological disaster and infected people who are trying to kill them. Interpol agent Mortimer Reyes soon realizes that their only chance for escape from the zombie hordes lies in allying with the dangerous, mysterious prisoner."

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Looks great- got the zombie look down real nicely
Gore the merrier


jade71 (14 years ago) Reply

how can I get this DVD


BigBadWolf (13 years ago) Reply

this is domestic natural hell :-)
Welcome to Serbia!!!


abdu (12 years ago) Reply

ilove you

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