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quietearth [Celluloid 08.10.07] zombies movie news

Woohoo!! And the hits keep on rolling. This is another independent production and it's out of Germany. Set in the village of Brandenburgischen, five young people are confronted with a very advanced strain of the bird flu virus which turns people into blood thirsty monsters (like zombies). Now I have to say based on the pictures on the website, this looks fantastic, but it gets better.

I have been in contact with the Production Coordinator, Damir Skako, and he has graciously provided a couple of exclusive pics of the effects process! He also informed us the movie is in post production, and they hope to premier it at the end of October. The website is at the bottom, and it also includes a 2nd trailer.

Let's see some blood:

Website homepage, it's currently in German only:

Special thanks to Damir!

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Hugh Grant (15 years ago) Reply

Hello guys,
this trailer looks very nice. I am looking forward to see this movie.
-Hail And Kill-

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