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quietearth [Celluloid 08.06.07] movie news gallery

We previously reported on this cool looking flick here.

Ok folks, thanks to Justin Buchanan (Producer/Editor) and Quiet Earth friend Matt Davids (Writer/Director), we've got some exclusive photos from the shooting of the movie Ezra Crane. Now Matt has been keeping the storyline under wraps, but we can clearly see in one of the photos it looks like Ezra is some kind of priest. I am betting the movie will have a solid spiritual message, and I could speculate more, but I'm going to leave that alone, as it's still in production. Sorry, no release date yet, but we will let you know when!

The website was also updated this weekend, and the crew is working on adding new content, so check it frequently! Also, the trailer is available on the site (listed below).

Here's the synopsis from the Ezra Crane Website:
"Wars raged. Plagues ravaged. Civilization fell. A new dark age took a hold of mankind. Small bands of survivors huddle together living off the remains of the old world. Yet, one man wanders the wild lands alone, shunned and feared. He calls himself Ezra Crane, but who he really is no one knows. One day a young girl interrupts his solitary existence. She calls herself Feather and says she’s on a quest. Not wishing her to face the dangers of the wilderness alone Ezra agrees to aid her. The journey takes them deep into the forgotten lands filled with strange perils. Ezra is forced to reveal terrible secrets about his past and finally his true identity. Eventually, Ezra realizes the mysterious young Feather may hold the key to his long awaited redemption"

"Locked and loaded baby!"

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