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quietearth [Celluloid 08.02.07] post apocalyptic news video game

London 2038: The once great city lies in ruins. A massive, sinister gash in the fabric of our reality gnarls and churns, dominating the horizon as it blends into a permanently darkened sky.

Hellgate: London combines the depth of role-playing games and the action of first-person shooter titles, while offering infinite playability with dynamically generated levels, items, enemies and events. The player creates a heroic character, completes quests, and battles through innumerable hordes of demons to advance through experience levels and branching skill paths. A robust, flexible skill and spell system, highly customizable appearances, and a massive variety of randomly generated equipment allow players to create their own unique hero.

Word is a September 2007 release date and for PC only. Dang, I wish they made it for the Wii.

Game homepage:

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Kamilos (13 years ago) Reply

Yeah, that is great trailer!


drlaza (12 years ago) Reply

i played it but didnt like it very much.. its unlike a PA, just another go and kill em all game, you dont have freedom

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