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quietearth [Film Festival 07.28.07] zombies movie news

The San Diego Comic Con is still going on right now, and while we can't be there (at least this year) we can still read all the news and share the post apocalyptic and best tidbits with you.

First off we had previously reported Eli Roth will be doing Stephen King's PA book "Cell". He is currently working on another movie and probably wouldn't start shooting till next spring, but he is starting on the script with his brother Gabe, and 2 of his friends.

Second, we have Zack Snyder of 300 and Dawn of the Dead (remake) fame who will be doing another PA sounding zombie flick called "Army of the Dead". He said that this would be a horror film "that is massive!". Let's hope that means a ton of zombies and something better then the Dawn remake, because honestly, that sucked. He also stated that we have never seen anything on this scale in our lives. The movies is about a quarantined Las Vegas in the not-too-distant future, and revolves around a father who tries to save his daughter from imminent death in a zombie-infested world. Wikipedia also reports that this will be a semi-sequel to this Dawn remake, but quotes no source.

And last, a little news about the Stephen King adaption of The Mist. The panel showed a clip from the movie where the mist, or more accurately, some tentacles were attacking a kid. Frank Darabont called it an "intense, harrowing horror film with a hard R rating". Apparently fan questions were screened and they wouldn't discuss any of the plot, but it hits theaters November 21st.

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