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Well well well, we got some info courtesy of the Jericho panel at the TCA press tour. For all the fans, here's some of the dope on season 2.

NOTE: This CONTAINS spoilers for season 1, so if you haven't watched it, WATCH IT!

* The season opener will be a “big tent,” to help people understand the world of the series if they’ve never seen it before, but time will have passed since the season finale, so it’ll be new information for everyone, old and new viewers alike. But don’t worry: the big cliffhanger will be paid off. You’ll get the scoop on what happened with the battle, and then it’ll time-jump ahead.

* The producers pitched the plot of the second season to the network, and CBS was quite happy with it. It originally was going to take place in Jericho, Cheyenne, and New York, which would have been revealed to have been survived, but things are being switched up a little bit now. They’re burning through ideas more quickly and having to compress the action more than they otherwise might have, since they’ve only got a 7-episode commitment at the moment, but they’re happy with how things are progressing.

* At the end of Season 1, right before the battle, Stanley said he was going to ask Mimi to marry him; it doesn’t exactly go down quite as easily as all that, but they do end up engaged, which is the big personal story of the new season. The bigger story, however, is that Hawkins and Jake will go on a mission to save the world. (Oh, no, not again!)

* The new government from Cheyenne has come in to stop the battle between Jericho and New Bern and are helping Jericho to rebuild, getting them their water and electricity back. There are revenge killings going on between the two cities, however, as lingering vestiges from the battle.

And finally:

* Production schedule: they will start shooting this Monday, and, all things being equal, they’ll be finished shooting all 7 episodes by end of September.

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