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quietearth [Celluloid 07.15.07] zombies movie news

Here's an update on the filming of Romero's Diary of the dead via Bloody-disgusting and it's basically descriptions of the movie from the different people involved in it.

"Michael Felsher (Red Shirt Pictures): There’s no conventional camera watching everything. It’s told literally through the eyes of a filmmaker. As they’re trying to escape and get back to their homes and find out what’s going on, he’s taping the whole thing. His opinion is that this has to be documented and he becomes kind of obsessed with it. So we never really see the director. And they pick up a couple of cameras along the way. So it’s only seen from the cameras that the kids are shooting from.

Paula Devonshire (line producer): One of the surviving characters goes around and accesses all these things, whether it’s someone’s cell phone, whether it’s Jason’s video camera, whether it’s another camera they find along the way, whether it’s security camera footage that may come from hospitals -- or wherever they’re at -- and then that person has compiled this movie from the tapes that they have accessed.

Michelle Morgan (Debra): The idea is that Jason has made this movie, has filmed everything, and you’re watching the finished product after it has been edited together. So it’s not supposed to be continuous, like, every single moment.

Michael Felsher (Red Shirt Pictures): The movie is very unique. A problem has been that the initial press release went out and mentioned “Blair Witch” in comparison and I suppose that there is some similarity in concept, but George’s approach is a very constructed narrative. We’re watching the filmmakers literally as the dead outbreak happens and we don’t get to see the big picture.

John Harrison (executive producer): It’s not gonna be “Blair Witch.” It’s not just gonna be a handheld camera that’s found in the woods somewhere. It’s a little more sophisticated than that. George has a really sophisticated stylistic sensibility about how this movie is going to play out. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a real documentary, in a way, of what’s going on. You know those guys in New York who just happened to be there when the planes hit the towers and then got all that great footage? It’s got that kind of feel and that kind of immediacy."

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