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Last June, CBS cancelled Jericho with no idea the trouble this would cause. Then a mountain of nuts got dropped on the heads of CBS execs and the show was brought back for a rerun encore of season 1, yet the battle isn't over for Jericho fans. For one, only 8 shows will be produced and fans have to hope that a season 2 will become a reality.

Tonight's show will cover Jake's return to Jericho and how the town scambled to find out what happened to Denver.

The start of the show was great, but quickly detiorated into a drama and what producer John Turtletaub called "character building", but the last half of the season picked up and was out of sight! So let's cheer on Jericho, get your family and friends to watch, and enjoy!

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Wilcoy (13 years ago) Reply

I'll be tuned in tonight and taking notes of tonights sponsors during the show. Soon after it ends i'll send cbs feedback letting them know i watched live and evern sat through the commercials.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Ooh, thanks guys for adding a forum for Jericho. All your support is much appreciated

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