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Fans have sent a total of $26,000 for a pooled campaign hosted at Nuts Online to ship over 19,000 pounds of peanuts to CBS. Other efforts acquired over $9,000 to publish full page advertisements in Variety (National Edition) and The Hollywood Reporter for Tuesday, May 29th. This is expected to become the largest ever fan campaign to bring a television show back from cancellation.

Let's hope this works out.

How to complain to CBS

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MissMyb (15 years ago) Reply

Save Jericho. Thank you for your blog



Lisa Coultrup (15 years ago) Reply

wowsers that was fast ;-)
thanks for posting the info and graphic, we fans appreciate all help we get.
nice blog, i like the look.


Brody (15 years ago) Reply

UCLA loves Jericho


Laura M (15 years ago) Reply

We are dedicated to Jericho. Only a second season will due.


Susan in PA (15 years ago) Reply

Actually, your nut stats were correct until noonish (EST)they dropped another 5 tons off at The Black Rock today !!! Thanks for the quick uptake on the event.
N.U.T.S. !


frierson (15 years ago) Reply

NUTS for Jericho!!


mpbnice (15 years ago) Reply

Spread the word - NUTS!


Stephanie (15 years ago) Reply

I would like to thank you for coverin our wonderful fight. I would like to alert all to a new update. On in the Jericho fan site there is a donation option. You can donate money to help support the effort to rebuild Greensburg, KS which was recently devastated by a tornado. Also you you purchase a shirt with the site $5 go to the relief and also percentages of the nut purchases will go also. Jericho showed us humanity and compassion in there darkest hour. We are showing our humanity that Jericho has showed us.


Patricia Berlet (15 years ago) Reply

Thanks for your coverage - we all want to see Jericho back for a 2nd season!


CAM (15 years ago) Reply

Thanks for helping spread the word. JERICHO is too special a show to go down without a fight!


corbin (15 years ago) Reply

FANtastic. We love you! Only season 2 will do.


Darlene P (15 years ago) Reply

Thanks for writing about the efforts to Save Jericho. We just want our show back. The more fans who hear about what they can do to help - the better.


falconr10 (15 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the coverage, and with such alacrity!! Nothing less that a second season of Jericho will be acceptable - NUTS to Nina Tassler, Kelly Kahl, Les Monvees, and the other certifiable NUTS at CBS!!!


alw (15 years ago) Reply

Thank You for covering our fight to save Jericho. AT LEAST A SECOND SEASON AND EVEN MORE NOTHING LESS!!!

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