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quietearth [Celluloid 05.18.07] post apocalyptic movie review

Year: 2006
Director: Paul Ziller
Writers: Karl Schiffman
Cataclysm type: Possibly environmental (Unknown)
IMDB entry: IMDB
Amazon link: link
Post apocalyptic concentration: 4 out of 10
"Mad Max" level: 3 out of 10
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 6 out of 10
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Key Characters:
Jute (Scott Bairstow)
Deecee (Joseph Lawrence)
Vaarta (Troy Skog)

Phoenix is one of the last domed cities left, surrounded by desolate wasteland. Humans have built robots to scavenge this wasteland for raw materials and water, but lately there have been rumors that these robots have gone haywire. Early in the show, one of the top administrators children get's lost, and some androids get sent outside to rescue him. There seems to be quite a bit of prejudice toward androids in this movie.

The Story:
Our protagonist, Jute, loses his job shoveling fuel, early in the movie, and where does he head? You got it right, straight to a bar. There's boxing in this joint, and it turns out in the last fight, one of the boxers was an android, which nobody liked. But instead of letting the owners throw the android out, he wants a chance to kick some mech butt. During the fight he holds his own, but the police come and break up the joint. Jute and his friend head off to drink in some back alley where they run into the same android, and our story continues from there...

The Rating:
This was a made for tv, sci-fi movie, and while it's a half decent flick, it's not a very good post apocalyptic film. The storyline was just too short, and a bit unbelievable at points. They could have done alot more with this concept. It gets a 6 out of 10.

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