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quietearth [Celluloid 01.22.07] post apocalyptic

From the website:

"Ever Since The World Ended” is a character-driven “social science fiction” film about life after the end of the world. Twelve years after a devastating plague emptied the world of people, two San Francisco filmmakers traverse the nearly deserted City with a camera and a microphone. On a journey that will carry them far beyond the city limits and into the wilderness beyond, they begin to uncover the secrets of their new world. In a series of encounters and interviews with a handful of fellow survivors, they explore the harsh realities of life after civilization, revealing the day-to-day struggles for survival, the shifting moral imperatives, and the deep ideological rifts in a fledgling community trying to chart a way forward.

With an exclusive NY engagement at:
January 10-16 @ the Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street, NYC, (212) 591-0434

Now for the good stuff, here's the trailers:


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Elwood (15 years ago) Reply

I really enjoyed this film, even though I had to go to Taiwan (!!) to get a copy of the DVD. While there's no giant scorpions or walking plants, the atmosphere is very uncomfortable in places (a GOOD thing). Nice to see that guy off Mythbusters in it, too.


Michael (15 years ago) Reply

This film looks like it maybe worth looking out for. Does anyone know if its available here in the States?


michael (15 years ago) Reply

This title will be released on July 10, 2007. Pre-order now!. Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

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