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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 10.05.06] Tuvalu post apocalyptic

Tonight we had the latest episode of Jericho, "Four Horsemen", and while it didn't reveal much more, we did get to see a broadcast from an asian news service which showed a map of the nuked cities. It's unclear whether the unidentified asian news country is responsible for the nukes or simply reporting them.

We know of the following:
Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, San Diego

And it looks like from the first map we also have Dallas, Texas. Then based on the red circles we can see from the fuzzy second map, we have at least 2 along the coast of California, one of them must be San Diego. Last but not least it looks like Seattle, Washington was hit as well.

Of course if this happened in real life we'd be screwed. At the least, you wouldn't be walking out of a fallout shelter after nuclear rain and having a barbecue. But I'm still watching..

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