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John Connor [Bunker Blueprint 11.16.22] post apocalyptic action thriller

A German filmmaking team is finishing a 40 minute Mad Max short film and looking for support on Kickstarter.

Haunted by his past, Max Rockatansky is crossing the Wasteland completely on his own. In exchange for gasoline he takes on a dangerous rescue mission, fights barbaric hordes and his inner demons...

Hard Facts:

40 min Short Film
Release in Summer 2023
Our own interpretation of the Hope and Glory storyline, loosely based on the graphic novel by Mark Sexton, Nico Lathouris and George Miller
Crew of professional filmmakers - some of us worked on Matrix 4, Hunger Games and Uncharted
Real stunts, real explosions and real emotions

More details in the videos below:

Recommended Release: MAD MAX

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