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John Connor [Celluloid 07.12.22] scifi horror

In Tin Can, the experience is of a piece with classic David Cronenberg joint: Body Horror fused with social anxiety. As Videodrome amplified the pearl-clutching fear of late night violence & sex on the Canadian television of the eighties into bizarro TV snuff network, and shadowy mind control of its protagonist, so does Tin Can take the anxieties of medical procedures and experimental vaccines in our current age, and put its heroine through the ringer.

As Vincenzo Natali’s micro-budgeted Cube maximized a few cramped sets into a large-scaled puzzle-box of science fiction dread, so too does Tin Can.

Dread releasing will make the movie available on demand everywhere August 9th and on Blu-ray September 6th.

Cold, pale and in the dark, Fret (Anna Hopkins) crashes back to consciousness inside a small metal chamber. Inside her confined cell, Fret attempts to piece together how she was imprisoned. As a scientist, who was on the brink of discovering a cure from a deadly plague, Fret desperately works to escape her cell to save the last of humanity.

As the world faces a deadly plague, humanity's hope for a cure lies with a scientist, Fret, who awakens imprisoned in a metal chamber and must desperately work to escape her confined cell to save the last of humanity. Directed and co-written by Seth A Smith (The Crescent, Lowlife), TIN CAN stars Anna Hopkins (The Expanse, V/H/S/94), Simon Mutabazi (Across The Line, Thug), and Michael Ironside.

Recommended Release: Domain

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Wumpus (2 months ago) Reply

Michael Ironside is another connection to Canadian 80's SF.

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