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John Connor [Celluloid 07.15.22] scifi horror action thriller adventure

Neil Marshall's new military vs. mutants flick The Lair will have its premiere at UK's FrightFest this year!

Described by Marshall as “The Dirty Half Dozen meets The Thing,” the film’s synopsis is as follows:

The Lair follows Sgt. Tom Hook as he is tasked with leading a unit to find Lt. Kate Sinclair after the Royal Air Force fighter pilot was shot down in Afghanistan.

Pursued by insurgents, Sinclair has sought shelter in an abandoned bunker where she unwittingly releases the Ravagers – a half human-half alien man-made biological weapon. Hook and his team, accompanied by a handful of British SAS troops, must save Sinclair from insurgents and the Ravagers before they overrun the area and threaten the entire world.

You can view the entire FrightFest line-up here.

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