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John Connor [Celluloid 03.09.22] post apocalyptic scifi horror

After 32 years, Richard Stanley's cyberpunk classic Hardware is getting a sequel in comic book form from Final Impact Comics.

The new comic called Hardwired: Dawn of the Droid will be direct continuation of his film and is currently slated as "coming soon". No other real details have been announced but Stanley took to social media earlier today to make the announcement.

The film which was released in 1990 takes place in a post apocalyptic world where bandits scour the wasteland looking for robotic parts and mechanics. Through the story of the film, a robot is loosed upon a futuristic apartment where all hell breaks out and the metallic creature kills his prey.

Recommended Release: Hardware

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Simon (1 year ago) Reply

Great film, shame about the director.


Digger (1 year ago) Reply

What happened to the director?


tom (1 year ago) Reply

it began as a one shot comic in 2000ad

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