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John Connor [Celluloid 10.14.21] scifi horror

Check out the debut trailer for Apex, a new sci-fi re-imagining of The Most Dangerous Game starring Neal McDonough and Bruce Willis.

Serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, ex-cop Thomas Malone is offered a chance at freedom if he can survive a deadly game of Apex.

Six hunters pay for the pleasure of hunting another human on a remote island, but once Malone arrives all hell breaks loose. Laying traps and playing mind games, Malone tries to turn the tables and fight for his life and his future.

The film hits theaters and on Demand and Digital - November 12, 2021.

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doctact (1 year ago) Reply

jfc... how does something like this actually end up making it to the screen.


brownponcho (1 year ago) Reply

OK - so what's going on here? Does Bruce Wills have a gambling / drug habit that's yet to be revealed? Has his agent lost his mind? Has he simply gone full Nick Cage and run up super-debts on T-Rex skeletons and Learjets?


Babylon (1 year ago) Reply

Bruce Willis, The new Steven Seagal, I'm not sure if this is the reaction they expect, But I now give anything with him on the cover a very wide birth.
For me this started the day he did a press junket here in the UK for The last Die Hard film, It was a light half hour entertainment show called The One Show that would go out at 7pm every week night on BBC 1, It's not for everyone and it's a kind of filler programme, but they have some big names on it and it's watched by over 5 million most nights.
He was a complete dick, An embarrassment to the studio and too himself, From what I remember the studio wasn't happy about, Maybe that's why he finds himself here were he is, And good riddance.

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