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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.30.21] scifi action war

So let's get this straight: in The Tomorrow War Chris Pratt is drafted and sent 30 years into the future to fight the alien invaders. The only thing I can think about is why would they need to send someone from the past into the future? I guess that's a question that'll be answered by writer Zach Dean's (Deadfall, 24 Hours to Live) script. Maybe. If we're lucky.

This new time-traveling sci-fi actioner is directed by Chris McKay who is best known for directing The LEGO Batman Movie, and also stars Yvonne Strahovski (great in "The Handmaid's Tale"), J.K. Simmons, Edwin Hodge, and Betty Gilpin.

This teaser doesn't really inspire much excitement but who doesn't love a high concept sci-fi action movie? I'm all for it.

The Tomorrow War will be available to stream worldwide on Amazon Prime on July 2, just in time for Independence Day.

Recommended Release: Edge of TomorrowWar1

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