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Marina Antunes [General News 11.09.20] post apocalyptic video game

We first heard of writer/director Gabriel Kalim Mucci with the release of his short film Lunatique (watch short) and since then, he's been keeping busy with no less than four projects in some part of production this year.

Recently Mucci directed a promo for Wasteland 3, a squad-based RPG currently available on a number of platforms including Steam. The game unfolds in the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Colorado and the story is ripped right out of a good PA tale: a team of well-trained survivors arrive with a mission to help the local ruler keep the control but once they arrive, they discover that said ruler is a brutal leader with nefarious plans.

Having never played the game, I have no idea how the backstory plays into the gameplay but the concept is certainly pretty great and provides Mucci ample opportunity to create a fun and brutal promo that fits not only into his PA sensibilities but also the game's story.

The director's cut of Wasteland 3: Bison's Meat Delivery extends the promo slightly into a really entertaining and brutal short film. A great little treat as we await more from Mucci.

Recommended Release: Wasteland 3

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Wumpus (10 months ago) Reply

It looks like one of his projects is turning Lunatique into a feature length film. It'll be interesting to see if he can come up with a story good enough to match his interesting design ideas.

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