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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.02.20] thriller crime

You just know that when Michael Shannon is running any sort of criminal enterprise, things are going to end badly.

Echo Boomers stars Patrick Schwarzenegger (excellent in last year's Daniel Isn't Real) as Lance, a young college grad in need of a job. He's recruited into a gang of thieves, led by Ellis Beck (Alex Pettyfer) and ruled over by Shannon who makes all the rules.

Clearly this is a career with no good end in sight and when Ellis rebels, the entire operation starts to go sideways.

The entire "steal from the rich to help yourself" thing is a bit old and I'm not convinced that Seth Savoy, making his feature film debut here, is going to reinvent the wheel but sometimes, a solidly build crime thriller propped by outstanding performances is just the thing to entertain. I fully expect that Shannon, Schwarzenegger and yes, even Pettyfer who, over the last few years has been trying hard and mostly succeeding to break out of the heartthrob box, can deliver.

Echo Boomers will be available in theatres, on demand and digital on November 13.

Recommended Release: Daniel Isn't Real

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JohnVKaravitis (2 years ago) Reply

People may think this is a cool movie, but when idiots go out and copy this....


Taylor Mason (2 years ago) Reply

I don't think this will reinvent the wheel but it looks extremely entertaining! Honestly after quarantine content - this looks awesome!


Wumpus (2 years ago) Reply

Michael Shannon is pretty reliable.


Wumpus (1 year ago) Reply

Having said that, this reminds me of "The Edukators", which I hated.

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