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John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 04.09.20] post apocalyptic scifi

In 1992 FOX made a post-apocalyptic show based on Gilligan's Island called Woops! The series didn't live past one season, but you can check out episode 2 below (the pilot has long been removed from the webs).

After an innocent misunderstanding leads to nuclear Armageddon, the only six people left alive on Earth make their way to a farm in the middle of nowhere. There, in a series of hi-jinx adventures, the misfits must put aside their differences for the sake of the species.

The series starred Fred Applegate, Lane Davies, Cleavant Derricks and others.

Check it out!

Recommended Release: Last Man on Earth

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Thompson (1 year ago) Reply

Discovered this sitcom a few days ago as well, it's pretty fun. Most of the episodes are on youtube.


blackdawg (1 year ago) Reply



Wumpus (1 year ago) Reply

Wow. I forgot how awful TV used to be.

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