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John Connor [Celluloid 02.19.20] cyberpunk scifi

Xenogenesis is a 1978 American science fiction short film that was the directorial debut of James Cameron (Aliens, Avatar). It stars William Wisher Jr. and Margaret Umbel.

The film was created with the help of several of his student friends. It was financed by a group of Californian dentists looking for a quick tax write-off.

Cameron co-wrote and co-directed it as a test movie to show his designs, hoping to attract investors for a full theatrical version of the story, and to start a career in the world of cinema.

The latter ultimately happened when he was discovered by Roger Corman, who gave him a job as a special-effects supervisor where he went on to work on Battle Beyond the Stars and Galaxy of Terror.

A woman and an engineered man are sent in a gigantic sentient starship to search space for a place to start a new life cycle. Raj decides to take a look around the ship. He comes across a gigantic robotic cleaner.

Combat ensues.

Check it out.

Recommended Release: ALIENS

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