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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.17.20] Portugal war

Zacarias is young and looking for adventure so he signs up for the Portuguese army. It's 1917 and he ends up in Mozambique, a Portuguese colony in mid-war against the invading Germans.

The young soldier's dreams of adventure are thwarted when he contracts malaria and is forced to stay behind while his unit sets off across the country. He's barely recovered when he decides to follow his unit on his own, determined to report for duty.

Joao Nuno Pinto's Mosquito, his second feature in a decade, unfolds like a fever dream as we follow Zacarias through the country, and we witness the young soldier's encounters with animals, colonists, and deserters through a fog of exhaustion, hunger and god knows what else.

The first trailer for Mosquito suggests a dream-like adventure through the African jungle, likely tackling issues of war and colonization. If nothing else, the film highlights a part of WWI that most are not aware of.

Mosquito has been selected as the opening night film of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Look for it making the festival rounds in the coming months.

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