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It's not uncommon for projects to have long gestation periods before eventually seeing the light of day but we've been hearing about an adaptation of "Locke & Key" for a decade when the show was first pitched to Fox who passed on the series order (though the pilot was, rather oddly, still shown at SDCC - likely in a last-ditch effort to get some more attention).

Since then, the material has been optioned as a trilogy and then a proposed series at Hulu but now, in 2020, we finally see the finished product on Netflix; though it looks a little different than originally intended.

The series stars Jackson Robert Scott, Emilia Jones, and Connor Jessup as the trio Locke children who return to their family home after the death of their father only to discover mysterious keys which give them strange powers and open doors to some odd places.

I'm certainly simplifying the general plot of the series which is based on the best-selling graphic novels from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez and you can bet that with Hill behind the story, there's some supernatural/horror angle at play here.

The trailer certainly suggests some mystery and gore to come and at the hands of this production team, which in addition to Hill also includes Carlton Cuse, I expect things are going to get deeply complicated.

Jessup is a talented actor who has been building a solid resume of memorable performances over the last few years. I'm curious to see how he fares on the small screen.

"Locke & Key" will be available on Netflix on February 7.

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