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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 10.04.19] Canada thriller

While it's true that technology has made it easy for anyone to make a movie, it doesn't necessarily mean that all movies need to be seen. While I don't begrudge anyone who actually makes an effort to get a film made and in front of people, watching a movie like Killer Queen at a festival really makes me wonder how festival selections are made.

Let me be clear: Killer Queen is a bad movie. Director Ramin Fahrenheit also stars in this story about a man (Fahrenheit) and a woman, played by newcomer Fatima Maziani, who meet, get high and then go on a killing spree. If that's not troubling enough, the nameless young woman cuts herself after each murder which sounds like it could be an interesting story aspect to explore except her motivation for self-mutilation is never addressed.

Shot and presented as a lost grindhouse movie, the look of Killer Queen is nothing more than a crutch, a feeble way to distract from the fact that the movie is poorly made. Even so, the look of it is not enough to hide the fact that the acting is terrible, the script almost non-existent and crammed with terrible dialogue, and the plot is so bizarre the story doesn't make any sense.

Among all this terribleness is Norman Orenstein's pretty great score which is completely wasted on this disaster of a movie.

It's quite possible that some may see Killer Queen and think it's terrible in the same way something like The Room is terrible. I find little enjoyment in watching and making fun of bad movies and I certainly have little interest in re-watching this which, at 88 minutes felt like it was never-ending. But I do have respect for Fahrenheit who not only made the movie tp begin with but somehow managed to get it into a festival and seen by audiences.

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