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John Connor [DVD News 06.25.19] cyberpunk scifi horror action cult thriller war

A year before their jaw-dropper Shocking Dark, director Bruno Mattei (Violence in a Women's Prison) and co-writers Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi (ZOMBIE 4) first collaborated on the brain-melting mash-up of Predator, Robocop and a Philippines war movie that is... Robowar!

When a team of badass commandos is hired for a jungle rescue mission, they'll instead find themselves hunted by a kill-crazed creature that is part man, part machine and all glorious '80s ItaloSleaze.

Reb Brown (UNCOMMON VALOR), Catherine Hickland (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Massimo Vanni (RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR) and Jim Gaines (ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD) star.

Now scanned in 4k from the original negative and loaded with all-new Special Features including:

Robo Predator - Interview with Co-Director / Co-Writer Claudio Fragasso.

Italian Rip Off - Interview with Co-Writer Rossella Drudi.

Violence She Wrote - Career Interview with Screenwriter Rossella Drudi.

Robo-Lady - Interview With Actress Catherine Hickland.

Papa Doc's War - Interview with Actor John P. Dulaney.

The Robowarrior - Interview with Actor Jim Gaines Jr.

War in the Phillipines - Interview with Actor / Stuntman Massimo Vanni.

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