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StoryFix Media has released a new sci-fi novel called “The Blue Moonon paperback and Kindle eBook.

In the futuristic retelling of “The Blue Lagoon” (written by our own Christopher Webster, full disclosure), readers are transported beyond space and time to a lush alien moon where mystery and monsters abound, and two children must face dangers while growing into adulthood without the influence of civilization.

The idea for the book came to Webster while he was perusing the pulp science fiction shelves at his local used book store.

“I picked up a vintage copy of Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse and the cover reminded me of The Blue Lagoon, but on an alien planet. From there, I imagined a lost novelization of a futuristic movie adaptation that never was. I fell in the love with the idea so much that I decided to write it myself.”

It is a hopeless future. Forced to flee a toxic earth, humanity has found a new life among the stars. Some hold out hope that a new home can be found—a planet called Eden Star—but that dream is mostly forgotten.

While travelling between space ports, an old laborer with nothing to live for saves two young children when their transport ship is destroyed. Set adrift in a cramped escape pod, they begin to lose hope of rescue until a strange alien moon reveals itself to them.

Together, the castaways learn to adapt and survive on the mysterious alien landscape. But what seems like paradise at first, hides many dangers and dark secrets. And as they grow into adulthood, they must confront forces they can barely understand: life, death, and a deep natural love.

To bring Webster’s retro vision to life, StoryFix Media worked with Playback Collective designer Erick Solis on a vintage cover and jacket that mimicked the feel of a pulp paperback complete with tears, scuffs and folds from years of being passed around from reader to reader.

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