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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.25.18] action

I wasn't even going to bother with this because it sounded so stupid but because of Dave Bautista, I thought I'd give the trailer for Final Score a go.

Oh boy.

Bautista stars as a guy with special skills who is enjoying a soccer game with his niece. She is kidnapped, the entire stadium put on lockdown and the bad guys call him on his cell phone and tell him he has to find some other dude who is in the stadium, hiding out among 35,000 other soccer fans. The best part of this is that while this is all unfolding, most of the other spectators don't even know what's happening and the game keeps going as usual.

I cannot, cannot, roll my eyes hard enough at Final Score which also co-stars Pierce Brosnan (sporting a bizarre accent) and Ray Stevenson; it looks ridiculous as all hell but at least the stunts look pretty great and the movie doesn't seem to be too serious which is probably for the best.

Final Score will be available on VOD and Digital HD on September 14.

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no wonder (4 years ago) Reply

straight to Sky, no UK distributors wanted it...


JCarson (4 years ago) Reply

LOL! I couldn't even make it through the entire trailer.

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