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Lars von Trier is back and he's not fucking around.

After much hubbub and a banning from the festival in 2011, the powers that be have walked-back their excommunication and the provocateur returned to the festival this year though without a press conference, giving him less opportunity to get himself into trouble with his interviews. The movie, on the other hand, is proving to be buzz-worthy enough.

Though a review will follow soon, our correspondent on the ground has called The House that Jack Built "Brilliant. That long hard winding descent to hell is a pure slice of heaven."

Matt Dillon stars as the titular Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer. The movie follows his life over the span of 12 years, focusing on the murders that shape the serial killer that Jack becomes.

Along with Dillon, the movie also stars Uma Thurman, Riley Keough and Bruno Ganz.

The first trailer for the movie is chalk full of Dillon being a terrible human being, a huge amount of violence and blood all set to a very unlikely soundtrack.

The House that Jack Built caused more than a handful of walkouts and complaints about how violent the movie is to which I ask: what did you expect from von Trier?

Though it doesn't currently have a release date, The House that Jack Built will be released stateside by IFC Films.

Recommended Release: Antichrist

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