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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.25.18] thriller drama

Writer/director Zack Wilcox has pretty much done every job there is to do on a film set and now he's adding directing to his resume with his feature film debut Hunting Lands.

Marshall Cook stars as Frank Olsen, a veteran determined to create a life for himself outside of society but when he finds an injured woman in the snowy wilderness he must decide whether to let her die or return to civilization to save her.

Along with Cook, the movie also stars Joe Raffa and Keyna Reynolds.

Wilcox's background as cinematographer is clear in the trailer which suggests a movie which beautifully captures the starkness of life off the grid and Cook has received accolades for his leading performance as a man who dislikes modern society and retreats to find peace and solitude in the wilderness.

There's also an air of mystery to the trailer beyond the woman; namely, who's this other guy Frank runs into and keeps giving the evil eye to?

Hunting Lands is currently playing the festival circuit and will next screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

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