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"You've been kicked down the food chain"... Christopher Webster's survival novel "New Horizons" is finally available to order today!

The brutal, wilderness YA adventure follows the story of Marcus Riley, a 15 year old delinquent who is forced to survive off-the-grid when he sent to a wilderness "brat camp" that is mysteriously free of adults.

The book, which is available on both Ebook and paperback was published by StoryFix Media and is available to pick up now.

Let's show our support for one of our own ranks as Christopher (aka Agent Orange) has been around these parts since the beginning.

About New Horizons:
Kids call it The Compound - an endless wilderness enclave where teens rule and every day is a fight for survival. A world out-of-time where an elaborate culture has arisen out of violence and scarcity, and all live under the thumb of unseen masters who have ultimate control.

15 year-old Marcus Riley is The Compound's latest enrollment. A delinquent, kidnapped from his inner-city apartment, he wakes up alone in the wilderness. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a cryptic note in his pocket, it seems only his wits will keep him alive... but for how long?

The book, which Webster claims is as inspired by David Fincher's The Game as much as Lord of the Flies, is the first part in a planned Enrollment Trilogy.

The cover and jacket design was created by Erick Solis, founder of The Playback Collective and Webster says getting the paperback is the way to go.

StoryFix Media will also release the post-apocalyptic choose-your-own-adventure mobile game The Pulse in the summer of 2018.

More on that one as it comes, folks.

Recommended Release: New Horizons (a Novel of Survival)

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