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John Connor [DVD News 02.12.18] anime animation action thriller adventure

Monarch Home Entertainment will debut the action thriller ExPatriot on DVD on February 20th. In the film, a CIA Agent goes rogue after whistleblowing on her co-workers

The film stars Valene Kane, Charlie Weber (Vampires Suck) and Mario Espitia and was directed by Conor Allyn.

Full synopsis:
CIA agent Riley Connor lost everything when she blew the whistle on the US government. Hunted into exile, she escaped only to hit rock bottom in Colombia. Two years later, Riley’s old partner (and ex-flame) shows up with an offer. Her name will be cleared if she helps recover millions in gambling money being laundered through Colombian banks. Riley accepts the job, but realizes too late that it’s a set-up. Now she has to battle corrupt agents and a furious gambling syndicate to fight her way back home.

ExPatriot looks like an indie actions that's not to be missed.

Check out the trailer right here:

Recommended release: EXPATRIOT

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